Compressor Management        
Mastermodul/ CN
... the airleader first-rate online visual display system
All important in direct access - the online main screen provides an instant overview of the consumption, pressure and compressor status (load, no-load, fault, stand-by / off, flow rate of VSD compressors).
Comparison of the whole week - in high resolution - 10x/sec. The data is calculated and presented in diagrams. This permits precision evaluation.
Zoom function extreme - it is possible to zoom all curves down to 1 minute. Short peaks are detected and are readily understandable.
Temperature, pressure dew point, flow current consumption rates, etc?
No problem!

It is possible to simply connect various different sensors (4 - 20 mA) and to depict these in high resolution graphics.
Transgressions above thresholds generate messages - upon request in the form of an e-mail, fax or text message.
Online power costs
Airleader enables the possibility to see instantly if the energy costs are rising out of controll and will notify automatically if this happens.

Energy balance delivered free - Load and no-load time, kWh consumed - m3 generated, - spec. delivery rate - energy cost, motor starts and load changes.

Long-term monitoring is standard. The integral memory has a storage capacity of min. 2 years (for 8 compressors).

Statistics made easy
the load/no-load graphic chart illustrates the savings effect. Simply click with the mouse to select the period you require..
All analog sensors
are displayed clearly arranged in groups.

Weekly and monthly
diagrams are automatically combined and made available for further use.
Diagrams can be clearly selected. Via the selection box all the functions can be displayed together or individual.

Any number of users can access the online visual display system via the web server without any loss in speed.


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