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Visit us at this year's Hannover fair 04/01/2019 - 04/05/2019.
You will find us in hall 26, booth D 10.

Every month we are planning 1-2 practice workshops.
In groups of max. 8 participants, you learn how to plan compressed air stations, install and program the Airleader.
With the completion of the seminar you will be able to handle all task for integrating an Airleader control in existing or new compressed air stations

This service is only available in Germany.
For Workshops in the US please contact our distributer in US Jan Hoetzel
You have a question?
Visit our FAQ or use our practical tips.

Find the answer to frequently asked questions and a lot of useful tips.
You have a problem with your compressed air system?
With our remote support, we can help you at any time quickly and easily.

With our Quick Support Module, we have access to your station, and eliminate any problems immediately.

Airleader provides Compressor Master Controller and monitoring system to manage compressed air system efficiently.
Over the last 20 years we have focused to perfect our master controller. With more than 8,000 installed units we are the most trusted compressor master control brand. Our focus is on energy efficient operation of a compressed air system. Our demand based solution allows us to utilizes any combination of compressors and this is what differentiates an Airleader Master Controller from a Sequencer.
Monitoring the demand side and providing performance data of a system such as kWh/CFM per compressor and for the total system, the running time, load unload, including energy usage, pressure profile, leak monitoring, maintenance and system alerts empower our users unlike any other system on the market today.

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